Module ​Zero - ​Tennis Trading Basics

​Welcome to ​module zero. 

​In this module you can go over some of the basics of Tennis Trading. These videos are some of the free videos that are available via Youtube and are just here for your convenience. If you haven't seen all of these yet then this is a good place to start. The video on predicting odds movements is a MUST WATCH!

​Tennis Trading Made Simple Webinar

​A chance to re-watch the tennis trading made simple webinar. Learn the 3 biggest myths of tennis trading and the 3 biggest secrets to succeeding on the tennis markets. 

​Lay The Leader Basic Strategy

​This video gives you some tips on what to look for when laying the first set winner. UTT members are advised to skip straight to the Boomerang for a more advanced and profitable approach. 

​​Understanding Tennis Market Behaviour

This video will show you ​the basics of tennis trading. Mainly what makes the markets move and how to understand market behaviour. Crucial to know if you want to succeed at this. 

How To ​Predict Price Moves In Tennis Trading 

​This video will show you how you can predict where the prices will move to after a break point. Be sure to watch this so you know how to plan your trades in advance and in-play. 

​Understanding Lay The Server Strategy

​Laying the server is one of the most common tennis trading strategies and you will learn and understand the basics here. 

​The Tennis Trading Domination Strategy

​A nice little beginners strategy for tennis traders to use. Very simple and effective!