You missed out!

"Been a footie fan all my life, never once considered looking at trading tennis. But SOOO glad I did now. Only sport I can make money on!

Julian D, England

Intrigued by the lucrative possibilities that trading TENNIS on the betting exchanges can provide? Wondering how you can get a slice of the same BILLION POUND market that others regularly pick up HUGE profits from? 

Ready and willing to learn more but don't know where to start?

Welcome to Ultimate Tennis Trading. The only tennis trading course of its kind that can take you from being a confused newbie to trading like a seasoned pro within a short space of time. 

Trading tennis on the betting exchanges is as close to PURE trading as any sport can get. The prices are swinging up and down constantly and moving with every single point.

All you need to know is when to get in and when to get out.

Many think that football is the most popular sport on the betting exchanges but there is actually MORE money turned over in the tennis markets than in any other sport.

There are often millions of pounds in-play on even the most obscure tennis matches. 

And where there is money, there is opportunity.

Now you have the chance to own a portfolio of simple to use beginners strategies that will allow you to trade these tennis matches from start to finish.

 You will know EXACTLY what to do whether it is the first set or the final set.  

This is your chance to join the elite sports traders who are regularly banking a second income purely from the tennis markets.

Is this what you have been looking for?

Included today inside Ultimate Tennis Trading...

  • A Portfolio Of Profitable Tennis Trading Strategies
  • 5 Super Detailed Modules.
  • 3 Profitable Methods, One for each set. 
  • 6+ Hours Of HD Video Content
  • Over 30 Real Life LIVE trading examples

And my ULTIMATE aim for YOU?

When you complete this course you will know exactly HOW to pick out the best tennis trading opportunities and HOW to trade a tennis match from start to finish for a PROFIT, all by yourself!

No more guessing, wondering, second guessing and losing silly money!

Sound good? Keep reading...

(Or Even On The BEACH!)

I created this so you could learn at your OWN pace, in your OWN time and from ANYWHERE in the world!

"Very well presented and EASY to understand"

Heath, former professional tennis player

  • Videos Streamed in HD Quality.

The best way to learn is visually. So no more old-fashioned ebooks that do not always show the full picture, we show you exactly how it is done before your very eyes. This is like having a live seminar/workshop happening in your very own living room. No downloads required, just press play and watch the video just like you were using Youtube. 

  • REAL LIFE trading demonstrations

Some courses show you their strategies in “theory” only but we have HOURS of videos showing you how to perform these trades in real time. Every trade was shot live on real in-play matches on Betfair so you can really see the whole process and every angle and outcome is covered. This is a unique opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional trader and see precisely how it is done. This is PRICELESS!

  • REALISTIC stakes used in ALL videos

We want this course to appeal to those who are still starting out in their tennis trading journey and not everyone has or wants to trade straight away with 4 or 5 figure stakes. So all the videos were deliberatly recorded using realistic stakes with risks in the market of no higher than 60GBP at a time. This way nobody is alienated or feels like they HAVE to trade with bigger stakes. The tennis markets are VERY scalable, once you get good they can handle much bigger stakes so just be patient. 

  • Trade Tennis Matches From Start To Finish

Each strategy in the main course is applicable to each set. So you will be able to quickly spot some golden opportunities at each point in the match. You have the choice to trade with just one method or trade with all 3 to the end if the opportunities keep arising. Imagine being able to look at the markets and knowing within a moment or two if this has the potential for profit. No more wondering, experiment or anything else like that. 



Approximate Module Length: 1 Hour

This is not your average orientation module. This might be the most important module of your tennis trading career. Potentially LIFE CHANGING!

Spread over 5 unique videos you will learn the ins and outs of tennis trading. This will include ninja tips and tricks that have NEVER been revealed in public before and most importantly you will learn how to get an EDGE on the tennis markets.

By the time you are done with orientation you will know the 30 second pre-match research formula that will allow you to spot the BEST and most profitable tennis matches to trade that day.

You will discover HOW to read a tennis match and this includes REAL LIFE clips from actual tennis matches so you get full clarity and no longer have to guess. 

You will also discover the UNIQUE "risk mitigation" method that will be your main get out when the trade starts to go wrong. This will show you how we can lower our risk in certain situations but STILL allow ourselves to turn a losing trade into a WINNER!

Everything you need to assist you in your tennis trading journey. 

And if the orientation module is this detailed, then you can only imagine what else is to come...


Approximate Module Length: 1 Hour

After absorbing gems upon gems of information in orientation, it is time to learn your first tennis trading strategy. 

This is the "Money Method" which gets its name since it is the method that will make you the most MONEY ;-)

With this strategy you will be taking a low risk "lay to back" approach to tennis trading when certain opportunities arise. Mainly this involves opposing HOT favourites so this is not something your average punter will be doing or would even know how to do. 

In this module, you will learn HOW to spot these opportunities BEFORE the match even begins and then how to profit from the expected market correction when it occurs. The risk-reward ratio on this trade is solid as you will most often be winning MORE from your winning trades than you lose in the losing trades. You might only need a 40% success rate to profit long term with this!

Either way, you will be given step by step instructions on how to operate the method and also how you can minimise the potential losses. There are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those... 

All live trades with the money method were done with a maximum losing trade risk of £25. For most trades this risk was significantly less and you can see the ROI and return on actual risk to get an idea of the lucrative profitability. 

70% ROI and a 100% return on the trade risk... In 14 Minutes!

80% ROI and a 160% return on the trade risk... In 9 Minutes!

Losing examples included! Learn how to minimise potential losses like this!

And worst case scenario losses are demonstrated too. (We can't win them all!)


Approximate Module Length: 1 Hour

Once you have finished absorbing and maybe even testing the Money Method it is time to learn a new strategy, this one is called the Boomerang method. 

This is a strategy that is to be used in the second set of tennis matches and is another low risk, lay to back style method. (Notice a pattern?)

The premise behind this method is opposing the winner of the first set which is a common tennis trading entry point. But what makes this different from the rest is the actual approach to the trade with the focus on keeping the risk as low as possible.

This module includes the #1 mistake most newbies make with this trading entry point and how we will NEVER make that same mistake.  

You will discover the unique "3 STRIKES RULE" that will allow you to remain in the best possible position to profit from this trade.

You will also learn a UNIQUE "risk mitigation" strategy that is exclusive to this method and that could allow you to turn a bad trade into a winning one. 

Best of all you will learn the principle behind the "PERFECT" trade and why that is what you should be looking for above anything. All the information you need to get your strike-rate into that magical 60%+ range. 

As per usual, in this module there are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those...

All live trades with the boomerang were done with a maximum losing trade risk of £35. For most trades this risk was significantly less and you can see the ROI and return on actual risk to get an idea of the lucrative profitability. 

50% ROI and a 80% return on the trade risk!

Includes How to SCRATCH potential losers!


Approximate Module Length: 1 Hour

Now you know the best strategy to use in the first set and second sets, you will learn the best one to use in the final deciding set. 

This is the MOST volatile time of the match to be trading tennis and many newbies are eaten alive at this stage of the game. But with this low-risk "lay to back" strategy (definitely a pattern here!) you will know when to get in the market so you are on the correct side of the volatility and you can profit from it. 

This module reveals a secret tennis market fallacy that we can take advantage of in the final set.

You will discover how we can virtually REMOVE THE RISK from the trade in certain scenarios so that we can sit back, relax and wait for the money to be made.  

This is the MOST aggressive method of them all but also a great way to make some extra profits near the end of the match.

And as you guessed, in this module there are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those... 

All live trades with the flip method were done with a maximum losing trade risk of £40. For most trades this risk was significantly less and you can see the ROI and return on actual risk to get an idea of the lucrative profitability. 

99% ROI!

60% ROI ...in 15 Minutes!

How & When To Remove Risk!

And when to take profit (80% ROI!)


Approximate Module Length: 45 Minutes

By this point you will have everything you need to trade a tennis match profitably from start to finish. You will already have a small edge that will keep improving with time and experience. 

But if you want to take your tennis trading up to the NEXT level then the SECRETS revealed in the advanced module will get you there. 

This module will take your tennis trading from 2D into 3D as we look at additional ways you can get an edge. 

You will discover how we can second guess the motivation of certain players that will allow us to spot those extra special opportunities.

We delve deep into how you can study tournament trends to shape your tennis trading schedule over the year and also to spot some hidden gems when it comes to opportunities. 

Also, you will discover a little known website that will give you ALL the information you need to go to the next level. And amazingly this website is FREE. You get a crash course on how to interpret this data and much more. 


Platinum Strategy 1 - THE HAMMER

Approximate Module Length: 1 Hour

Once you have got to grips with initial 3 core strategies it can be time to introduce some more advanced strategies into the mix. 

The Hammer Method shows you how to identify support and resistance points in the tennis markets in order to create low risk, high reward opportunities. 

This module includes a full tutorial on what support and resistance is and how you can benefit from it. 

We then move on to show you how to take advantage of it alongside some REAL LIFE examples. 

This strategy can also perfectly complement the money method with NO overlap. 

Platinum Strategy 2 - THE HAMMER RELOADED

Approximate Module Length: 1 hour

Another advanced strategy that you could introduce into your tennis trading timeline for use in the second set of matches. 

Similar to the previous method we are identifying a key potential resistance point in the market that can develop after a particular scenario in the second set. 

When this happens it can create a HUGELY valuable tennis trading entry point that is low risk and VERY high reward. 

This strategy also perfectly complements the Boomerang method and can even help you double your profits from that strategy. 

As usual you will see ALL the live demonstrations of this in the video. 

"Extremely happy, profitable on EVERY strategy"

Steve, London

See what people are saying about Ultimate Tennis Trading (Press Play!)

This course will have you picking your OWN profitable Tennis Trades like a PRO within just weeks...

  • NO Fancy Software (All trades done in Betfair interface)
  • No special spreadsheet full of stats to follow.
  • No extensive tennis knowledge required, just follow the market.


"My best profit yet Ben, follow the money method and the boomerang along with a bit of the scalping. Very proud of this!"

Russell, Ireland

"What a match, one of those where every strategy worked perfectly then I used the flip method 3 or 4 times in a row to add to my profits. My biggest exposure at any point was around 100 quid. To eventually lock in almost 6 times that is.... Amazing!"

Julian, Midlands

And remember, hardly any knowledge of tennis is needed.

As UTT member Niall found out...



All videos are streamed so if you have any experience with playing a video on Youtube or watching a movie on Netflix then this will be second nature for you. No need to download the videos or any extra software. You can view the course on laptop, desktop, mobile or a tablet. Once you have paid you just login and press play.


In a word, no. We know that not everyone wants to invest in software right away so we have made a point about demonstrating and recording all live trades within the Betfair interface. So all you really need is a Betfair account, some WiFi and a nice cup of tea/coffee/beer.

"Top class methods, all very LOW risk"

Billy L

And there is MORE....

To make this experience even better for YOU and to reward those who take action. If you sign up today we are giving away access to the below limited time bonuses. This is ONLY for those who sign up today and there are no guarantees these bonuses will be included in the future!

(Value £197)

Tennis Trading While You Sleep!

Discover how to use automated tennis trading strategies to profit from those matches you are simply unable to trade. This course shows exactly how to do the research and input the bets.

Passive Tennis Profits Includes THREE hugely valuable methods that you simply set and forget. In this you will get:

  • The Tennis DOB Method
  • The FREE BET Method 
  • The Value 2.0 Method

All strategies presented in HD video with real life demonstrations showing you exactly how it is done. This includes the precise pre-match research that will show you how to pick these opportunities in less than a minute.

Lock in this bonus while you can!

For example, here we showed how to pick out a trade pre-match where we backed Puig at 2.80 and then traded out at 1.40 for an equal profit.

This took about 2 minutes to set up before going to sleep and then just checking the balance in the morning with the DOB method

(Value £197)

Lay The Server Crash Course!

Discover how and WHEN to lay the server in tennis trading for MAXIMUM effect. These pressure points will enable you to spot EXTRA opportunities at certain points in the match.

You will learn how to SCALP these opportunities or to use them to find profitable SWING trades. 

Laying the server is a tennis trading art form regularly used by the professionals. By knowing when to spot these ideal pressure points you can dip in and out of the market to make some added bonus profits.

All strategies presented in HD video with real life demonstrations showing you exactly how it is done. This includes the EXACT 3 best pressure points to get in the market on. 

Lock in this bonus while you can!

How to get in the market at the BEST possible moment...

And then get out with a QUICK profit, 25% ROI in THREE minutes!

A low risk swing trade laying at 1.36 and out at 1.56 all within 3 minutes!

This example and MANY more included in this bonus. 

(Value £47)

Enhance your learning by downloading and printing off the PDF slide notes. Great for note taking and referring back when practicing.

Normally there is an extra charge to deliver the strategies in PDF note form but for this launch this is being thrown in for FREE! 

(Value £97)

Specially Designed Spreadsheets!

Keep precise track of all your results in our specially designed spreadsheets. These can be used on Excel, OpenOffice and Mac. There is a separate sheet for each strategy so you can easily see which methods are working well and which ones you can improve on. 

This is CRUCIAL to your development as a tennis trader and the only real way you can keep track of your performance.

These sheets are FREE for this launch period, so lock this in now also!

(Value £497 per year)

NO Yearly Fee!

Currently, you can pay just a one off fee and get lifetime access to Ultimate Tennis Trading. This includes ALL future updates and additions to the course. 

This current version is Ultimate Tennis Trading Version 1.0 but when we launch version 2.0, 3.0 etc you will not have to pay the yearly fee to access it. Anyone who signs up now gets it all for the lifetime of the course.

Eventually, Ultimate Tennis Trading will be a yearly fee for others so we can keep providing updates and maintenance but if you sign up now you don't have to worry about that ever!

(Value £397 per year)

Support direct from the Expert!

Probably the BEST bonus of all.

Ben wants to ensure you are not left in the dark and so any questions you have, anything you are unsure of then just send him an email and you will get all the help and support you need.  

Usually this is for 30 days only after signing up but for this launch it is extended to 60 days of support if you need.  

Absolutely PRICELESS!

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

You Are Ready For The Ultimate Tennis Trading Super Course If....

You have dabbled with tennis trading and want to learn more. 

This really is ideal for you as you will instantly get the only tennis trading portfolio you will ever need. No more guessing, second guessing and searching around on forums and Google for advice which may or may not be good advice.

You know how to trade on Betfair and want to learn a new sport (with no clue about tennis!)

If you know how to trade on Betfair then that is the most important thing. I have designed this course to teach you guys the same way I had to learn. I never knew much about the players and how it all works when I first started. Knowing the markets and ideal entry points is much more important, the rest will come with experience. So do not worry if you have no clue about tennis, neither did I :-D

You have been trying to trade tennis profitably for years but have not yet been regularly profitable.

If you have been trying to learn tennis for a number of years then this might be what you have been looking for all this time. The course is designed in an easy to understand way with a path and a plan that you will appreciate. You may have been close to finally cracking it at tennis trading but you just need that final push over the line and this could and should be it!

You Are NOT Ready For The Ultimate Tennis Trading Super Course If....

You do not know what Betfair Trading is.

If this is the case go to Youtube and learn the basics. Once you have a good grasp then come back and take advantage of this opportunity. This course would be a bit too advanced for you if you have not yet learned how to trade Betfair. The good news is that it literally only takes a few hours!

You think this will get you rich quick

This is trading which means there are risks and no guarantees of the money you will make. We can teach you everything you need to know but if you have poor discipline and don't follow the advice then you will not do well. Similarly, if you think that BIG returns can be made from small outlay then this is the wrong thing for you. Try playing the lottery or a slot machine!

You Are Lazy

I know all this stuff works because it has worked for me for over 10 years now. If you follow it then you will succeed but you need to put in the hard work and lazy people who do not take action will get nowhere.



Good question and I like the way you used the word “invest” since this is literally an investment in yourself.

Last century, people spent THOUSANDS of pounds putting themselves through University and traditional education in order to get a well paid job. Doctors and lawyers would have to do years of education and spend 5 figures to get to where they wanted to be. But today, in the digital world, things have changed and people now spend that money learning something that means they no longer need to rely on a job. I went to University myself and left with over £10k of debt and the funniest part of all is that I never once got a job using my degree.

So if you want to learn the skill of tennis trading. Something that will allow you to earn money in your own time, be your own boss and literally live the dream then it will not be cheap but it will certainly not be as expensive as 5 figures like “traditional” education might cost.


As mentioned earlier I would have to charge up to £997 per head for a live day seminar. And generally, if you went to a live seminar or day workshop to do this course then you would be expected to pay between £400-£1000 just for the entry. Then you will have to pay the travel costs and maybe even accommodation for just one seminar. I myself spent precisely £1483.72 going to a Betfair trading course back in 2007 and over £10k on courses overall. Money I really could not afford at the time.

So if we were doing this course live over a weekend seminar then £997 would be a fair price due to all the knowledge that can be gained. So with this in mind we really should be keep charging £997 for the digital course since you are getting a similar live seminar style presentation but you also get the opportunity to replay it back as much as you want and learn in your own time. Even in your bath (or on the beach) if you wanted!

However, we are not going to charge that much and I will tell you why...

Since UTT is a video hosted course this means that we do not have the overheads of renting a meeting room, paying for staff, refreshments and our own travel costs which means we can lower the cost of the course significantly and give you more money to play with in your trading bank.

So the price to access the course today is (Keep in mind this price WILL go up and we will NEVER discount further in the future)




  • Orientation Module
  • The Money Method Strategy
  • The Boomerang Strategy
  • The Flip Method
  • Pressure Points Domination BONUS
  • Passive Tennis Profits BONUS

"You will make the money back within a WEEK!"

Scott N

Included in your payment today:

  • A Portfolio Of Profitable Tennis Trading Strategies
  • 5 Super Detailed Modules.
  • 3 Profitable Methods, One for each set. 
  • 6+ Hours Of HD Video Content.
  • Over 30 Real Life LIVE trading examples.
  • Exclusive Passive Tennis Profits Bonus
  • Exclusive Pressure Points Domination Bonus
  • First Class Learning Support Material 
  • Ongoing Email Coaching Package

Frequently Asked Questions






Refund Policy Terms & Conditions

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this package we simply can not offer a refund policy on this course. This is a digital information based course and since there is no possible way to return information once you have learned it there is no possible way to return the product fairly.
By not offering a refund policy we are protecting honest customers such as yourself that will benefit from the information contained within. Unfortunately, there are many people online who buy products with the sole intention of returning them and/or sharing them on download sites. Therefore, we have to protect the exclusive nature of our product by having this policy.

This course is for your own personal use only. You are not permitted to share your access with others, or to share material from the course with others who are not paid members. Those found to be doing this will have their access revoked with no refund given.

If you do have any queries or concerns about the quality of our products you only have to look around the web to know how highly acclaimed we are.

So please only sign up for this course if you are serious about wanting to improve your tennis trading knowledge.

Important Disclaimer

The information presented in this course is intended to be for your educational and/or entertainment purposes only. This is NOT financial advice. If you sign up for this course you are not signing up for a business opportunity with us. We are also not making any claims as to how much income you may earn or presenting you with the opportunity to get rich. 

When you see income figures mentioned, those income figures are anecdotal information passed on to us concerning the results achieved by the individual sharing the information. We have performed no independent verification of the statements made by those individuals. Please do not assume that you will make those same income figures.

We cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of anything you learn inside the course.

Please do not construe any statement on this website and in the course as a claim or representation of average earnings. There are NO average earnings. Testimonials and statements of individuals are not to be construed as claims or representations of average earnings. There are NO guarantees as to how much you can or will earn as a result of taking this course

Please understand that past performance cannot be an indication of possible future results.

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